000 union members quit AFL-CIO over Obamacare Union membership.

Take your choice by AFL-CIO thug-in-chief Richard Trumpka to help support and craft Obamacare. Because he threw the union’s political excess weight – and the member’s hard-earned dues – behind the passing of the worst, most intrusive and expensive piece of legislation passed in latest memory ultimately, his union is now shedding members such as a puppy sheds its winter coat in April. ‘We feel the federation has done a great disservice. ‘ Relating to Breitbart News: In what is being reported as a shock move, the 40,000 people of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union announced they have formally finished their association with the AFL-CIO, among the nation’s largest personal sector unions.These were also 59 % less likely to die, 61 % less likely to require surgery to eliminate part of the skull to expose the brain, and 26 % less likely to possess facial fractures, the study found. The University of Arizona study was scheduled for presentation Thursday at a meeting of the American College of Surgeons in Chicago. Until released in a peer-reviewed medical journal, the data and conclusions is highly recommended preliminary. We know for an undeniable fact that helmets help you prevent head bleeds in case you get into a bicycle-related accident, co-author Dr.