12 Deaths Now Reported in NYC Legionnaires Disease Outbreak: MONDAY.

Adjusting for the imaging effect, net turnover satisfactorily developed very, with France and Germany, Nycomed’s two largest European markets, growing in the solitary digit range. The marketplaces in Eastern European countries show double-digit growth, notably Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Croatia. In Greece, net turnover in the first quarter 2008 increased by over 51 percent, while Romania more than doubled its sales. In the Latin America, Canada and South Africa area total net turnover increased 7.2 percent compared to the first quarter this past year. The growth is principally related to strong overall performance from both the OTC and Rx businesses in Brazil, and also favourable impact from exchange rates.The survey notes that Africa’s smallholder farmers can benefit from new systems such as low-cost drip irrigation and plastic material water tanks to store runoff, instead of modern irrigation systems that may boost crop yields but are designed more for bigger farms, the news service notes . Government policies may play a role. The report notes how a plan of ‘smart subsidies’ to ease access to fertilisers has led to staggering boosts in maize production in Malawi, displaying the key part performed by credit and various other instruments in improving access to existing technology, relating to Reuters.