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11.0 percent, P=0.03) . These symptoms lessened following the 1st month . In contrast, leukorrhea and urethral discharge occurred more frequently among individuals who received placebo . Rates of chlamydial an infection and gonorrhea were similar in the two groups . There have been no significant variations between the study organizations in the prices of serious clinical adverse events or laboratory adverse events . There were 107 pregnancies among 101 women during the scholarly study. Neither the price of being pregnant nor the rate of fetal reduction in early being pregnant differed significantly between your study groups .004 for both T scores and z scores at the forearm and P<0.001 for both scores at the hip and lumbar backbone) .74) .7 percent .2 percent .The vaccines had been administered in to the deltoid muscle mass by study personnel. The timing of blood-sample digesting and collection, the technique used for antibody tests , and the typical criteria used to qualify HAI results as seroconversion and as seroprotective or seronegative titers are provided in the Supplementary Appendix. Vaccine Efficacy Dynamic surveillance for influenza-like illness was conducted through weekly contact with participants . Infants and Women identified as having influenza-like illness, and the ones presenting with or hospitalized for any respiratory illness unexpectedly, were tested for influenza virus by way of an RT-PCR assay.