6th Annual Bug Eating Festival Are people in Austin so starving they are eating bugs?

She actually is a leader in the preparedness movement and has been known as the Martha Stewart of self-reliance . Wildcraft is the author of many books, but is best known for her video series Grow Your Very own Groceries . Wildcraft displays people with little or no gardening experience how to switch their backyards into a meals producing paradise. She apparently isn’t limited to just gardens, small livestock, and backyard food creation. I knew that insects are eaten around the globe, are rich in minerals, and have those valuable omega three fatty acids we all need so badly, but I just never could easily get myself to eat them, she stated. She was motivated by Davisson who was tinkering with eating insects because of their dense nutritional content.A pill bottle. Here are 2 creative renditions of the same idea. Continue Reading >> 5. Probiotics and antibiotics. Perfect for a few’s costume. READ ON >> 6. The pharmacist on The Simpsons. In case you are strapped for time and so are a huge Simpsons fan really, you can use your white coat for this one. Have any other outfit ideas for pharmacists? Talk about your ideas and photos around on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.. Alere awarded grant to develop technologies for TB detection Alere Inc.