911 Emergencies Emergencies happen whenever we least expect them.

If you’re ever in doubt and no one is around to ask, it’s better to contact 911 and let the operator decide whether it’s a real crisis than to take the chance that someone who requirements help doesn’t obtain it quickly. When Someone’s Been Hurt Don’t try to move somebody who is normally unconscious after having an accident. He or she may have a throat or other spine injury. Call 911 or obtain help. If the individual is not breathing and you understand CPR, have another person get help when you care for the injured person. If the individual is bleeding, put pressure on the wound with a cloth or piece of clothing to slow the blood circulation.Of Wellness, two of 20 people infected in a recent measles outbreak in NEW YORK were children who was not vaccinated by their parent’s [sic] choice, admits Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia, suggesting these two unvaccinated kids were the cause of the outbreak somehow. However, no mention is made of the glaring anomaly that 90 % of the kids who must have been guarded by the vaccine were, actually, not protected. Vaccines spread disease, not really unvaccinated people And yet, these and additional inconvenient facts are missing from all of the latest media reviews on measles outbreaks, which deceptively insinuate that unvaccinated kids are spreading this disease. In most cases regarding outbreaks of not only measles but also whooping cough and other infectious diseases, it’s the vaccinated who are in charge of both contracting and spreading disease.