A Blueprint for Telerehabilitation Recommendations.

ATA publishes ‘A blueprint for telerehabilitation guidelines’ The American Telemedicine Association has just announced its latest standard publication, ‘A Blueprint for Telerehabilitation Recommendations,’ which discusses the key administrative, scientific ethical and specialized principles that should be considered in the course of providing telerehabilitation services. The objective of these guidelines is to see and assist practitioners in providing secure and efficient services predicated on client needs, current empirical evidence, and available technology cialis på nettet .

‘Many healthcare institutions, including the VA, are transforming before our extremely eyes because they embrace proved acquisition and delivery systems that are reducing costs and enhancing access to their suppliers,’ said Barthelemy. As an indicator of its collaborative initiatives and growing interest in the telemedicine space, GlobalMed systems are on screen in seven of its partner booths at the HIMSS 2012 Conference and Exhibition in Las Vegas this week. ‘What we have seen as a result of the development of our companions, and what I’ve witnessed this week at HIMSS with this industry colleagues, is an enormous convergence of technologies that’s creating collaborative care possibilities for the patient, from a healthcare facility bed into the true home,’ said Barthelemy..