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Voluntary simplicity comes from within. It is a social movement that invites a far more sustainable and spiritually connected existence. Voluntary simplicity can be a matter of personal responsibility and conscious knowing of how we live on the planet. This means identifying the difference between our requirements and our wants. Requirements are those things that are essential for our survival and actualization. Wants are all the other things we desire also to a large level are driven by mass media advertising.These data included birth rates, natural death rates and death prices stemming from AIDS. They viewed three drug allocation strategies: one that would allocate antiretroviral drugs only to the town of Durban and two producing them available in both urban and rural areas. Of those, the Durban-only strategy would be the most effective in preventing new infections, reducing them by up to 46 % – – amounting to preventing an additional 15, 000 infections by 2008 – – compared with the two strategies that would consist of both rural and cities. The strategy also would avert the best amount of deaths from Helps and generate minimal amount of drug resistance. But major problems would emerge with that approach, said Sally Blower, professor in the Semel Institute for Human being and Neuroscience Behavior at UCLA and senior writer of the study.