According to a new study in Journal of Consumer Research.

Our analysis confirms earlier research that found that normal body mass index females’ self-esteem can shift upwards or downwards with respect to the model they face, the authors write. Regular BMI females have higher levels of self-esteem when subjected to moderately thin models and intensely heavy models . However, they have lower levels of self-esteem when subjected to moderately heavy models and extremely thin versions . Related StoriesAfrican-Americans who didn’t engage in exercise nearly twice as likely to misuse alcoholSt.During the maintenance stage of treatment, patients underwent blood counts and blood chemical analyses on days 21 and 28 of each cycle. A repeat tumor-imaging study was performed approximately 4 weeks after completion of radiotherapy and prior to the initiation of routine 4 of maintenance treatment . Individuals who finished adjuvant treatment underwent tumor imaging every 3 months until tumor progression. Response was assessed by using serial measures of the merchandise of the two largest cross-sectional diameters, and progression was defined as a rise in tumor size by at least 25 percent or the development of a new lesion.19 Since early reactions to radiotherapy might emulate tumor progression, investigators were encouraged not to declare tumor progression within the first 12 weeks after completion of radiotherapy unless there was a fresh lesion or neurologic worsening.20 Toxic effects had been recorded and graded based on the National Cancers Institute Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events , version 3.0.