Acute Pharmaceutical Toxicity killed Brittany Murphy Could it be killing millions more?

Why celebrities need true nutritionI’ve said it before, but celebrities lead extremely stressful lives. Being truly a celeb is no easy career choice – – it involves long hours, nerve-racking travel and crazy work schedules. Sadly, many movie stars have turned to pharmaceuticals to attempt to keep them functioning through the severe stresses of a movie shoot. This inevitably network marketing leads to devastating consequences. What professional actors need more than medication is nutrition. Only high-density nutrition can help them cope with the enormous stresses their professions demand. That is why I think even more movie stars need to be drinking Boku Superfood, or Living Fuel, or Pure Synergy, or various other high-quality superfoods each day. I continue to think that if Brittany Murphy experienced ditched all those dangerous psychotropic medicines and instead turned to superfoods and high-density diet, she’d become alive and well today.28 cancer medications an issue dangerously Thousands of children with leukemia depend on a specific drug to survive. But materials are running dangerously low. Oftentimes, doctors have sufficient for just three weeks. CBS News correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook investigated what’s behind the shortage – – and what’s being done about it. Though 8-month-aged Elena Schoneveld was identified as having leukemia Even, her devastated parents were hopeful. ‘The actual fact of the matter is usually it’s curable,’ her father Tag Schoneveld explained. ‘There are a great number of cancers that aren’t curable. So, in regards to leukemia, we feel – – in a weird way – – lucky a track is had by them record of curing it.’ The cure depends upon a cocktail of chemotherapy medications.