AdCare Wellness Systems third quarter 2013 revenues up 5 percent AdCare Wellness Systems.

Quarterly price of solutions declined to 82.5 percent of revenues in the 3rd quarter of 2013 in comparison to 83.6 percent of revenues in the prior year quarter and in addition declined sequentially from 84.2 percent of revenues in the next quarter of 2013 because of successful facility optimization initiatives, commented Ronald Fleming, AdCare Wellness's chief financial officer. In addition, of October following the end, 2013 the non-cash derivative liability no more impacts our financial statements so going forward we will be in a position to present outcomes that no more reflect this quarterly non-cash series item. Adjusted EBITDAR from continuing functions in the third quarter of 2013 totaled $5.4 million, up 6.3 percent compared to $5.0 million in the third quarter of 2012 and up 13.9 percent sequentially compared to the $4.7 million in the next quarter of 2013.If there was only one supplement you could take when it comes to building muscle, creatine is the obvious choice then. Fortunately, it’s also very reasonable. You only need the basic ‘creatine monohydrate’ to discover excellent results, so you really do not have to buy any complex ‘blends’ and formulas with a host of additional, unnecessary substances. Conclusion In truth, the procedure of building muscle is in fact quite straightforward. However, there are certain rules that are worth following to make sure you’re getting the best results in exchange for the time you invest, and once you understand these rules you’ll quickly become light years ahead of the average gym-goer.