Along the relative lines of the smoking ban.

‘Current public health policy is normally dominated by the presumption that folks are capable of making 'better' choices for themselves based on information directed at them by the federal government or other agencies. This does not really account for the fact that practices like those of smoking and eating possess histories of their personal. ‘Trying to get individuals to stop smoking or eat healthily overlooks the fact that these are fundamentally social practices.Instead of emphasizing diets and weight loss, the initiative will present fitness as a balance of exercise, nutrition and psychological well-being. Only sustained, healthy lifestyle choices will be effective in countering childhood obesity. Today’s children may have a shorter life span than their parents due to obesity-related illnesses. Almost 60 % of Americans don’t get sufficient daily workout and nearly 65 % are overweight or obese. But family physicians are in a strong position to positively impact their patients’ fitness behaviors and, as they conduct 208 million patient appointments each full calendar year and look after the entire family, they can help fight childhood obesity on a national scale.