AMBER unveils new bone repair technology AMBER

AMBER unveils new bone repair technology AMBER, the Science Foundation Ireland funded components science center, hosted in Trinity College Dublin, has today unveiled a new bone repair technology, which has led to an injured racehorse returning to winning methods after successful jaw reconstruction.D . And which brought jointly a number of AMBER's industry companions. The patented bone repair technology was developed by a team of AMBER Experts within the Tissue Engineering Analysis Group in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland led by Professor Fergal O'Brien, Deputy Director of AMBER. It consists of hydroxyapatite and collagen, components indigenous to bone, formed into a 3D porous 'scaffold' which acts as a bone graft substitute.

The four-member groups worked through a research study involving a medication product dossier based on the AMCP File format for Formulary Submissions. Using the obtainable evidence, the groups at the neighborhood level presented their recommendations for formulary positioning to a panel of judges representing a P&T committee. The winning group from each school advanced to the semifinals, where eight finalists were selected to contend at AMCP’s Annual Conference & Expo. The 2015 recipients are: First place: Rutgers University Ernest Mario College of Pharmacy, with team members Danielle Tompkins, Alexander Mozeika, Ena Todorovska, Serena faculty and Arnouk advisor Saira A. Jan. The 1st place team’s college receives a $2,500 scholarship. Second place: Purdue University College of Pharmacy, with associates Hannah Han Le, Dong Helen Shao, Limin Zhang, Madeline faculty and Merkel advisor Amy Heck.