Problems at work lead to increased consumption. Managing house and work becomes demanding. The same ‘high’ isn’t attained, hence the quantity increases. At this time the family, whether, the wife or the parents start feeling alarmed and begin admonishing and requesting the person to cut down on the drinks. This is a stage of issue drinking. Slowly , the weekend consumption daily becomes; from 2-3 pegs it becomes 5-6 or even more. Social meetings, family work and dinners meetings are arranged around the availability of alcohol. Of using alcohol Instead, abusing it begins. Libido raises and risk behaviours increase. This happens insidiously. This is Alcohol Abuse. Then the nightmare unfolds for the person.Another 106 patients weren’t treated according to the protocol . The characteristics of the individuals were similar in the two study groups . The median age was 54 years. In 95.8 percent of the patients, the primary tumor was 5 cm or smaller, and 87.5 percent of the patients got either no involved axillary nodes or one to three involved axillary nodes. Details regarding axillary medical procedures are summarized in Desk S2 in the Supplementary Appendix.