Available can be an expanded GC/MS Developer Drug Library Also.

A companion compendium, ‘Analysis of Developer Stimulants by GC/MS,’ describes the evaluation of 30 stimulants. Agilent created these compendiums, and the expanded GC/MS Designer Medication Library, in collaboration with NMS Labs. Screening oral fluid can be an accurate and effective alternative to screening urine or bloodstream. It offers many collection advantages, and samples can be more analyzed using highly sensitive enzyme immunoassays and LC-MS/MS instrumentation easily. Agilent's updated oral fluid compendium, ‘Medicines and Metabolites in Oral Liquid: Immunoassay Screening and LC/MS/MS Confirmation and Quantification,’ is a thorough treatise on the detection of drugs of misuse in oral fluid, covering 100 medicines in 11 classes.The phone line averages 1,800 calls each full year. Most of the callers are from the New York region and through the entire United States, but the provider has received phone calls from Puerto Rico also, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Colombia. Generally, international callers find out about the ongoing service from the web. The program offers monthly support and education groups for lupus patients and their families in English and Spanish. In addition, volunteers from a healthcare facility for Special Surgery plan go to lupus treatment centers at other hospitals to provide assistance.