But once the decline starts it occurs faster.

A better education means dementia comes later on but when it does it’s faster According to new research a high level of education delays a decline in memory as people age, but once the decline starts it occurs faster. A fresh study from the United States has discovered that among several seniors with dementia, those with higher levels of education experienced a delayed, but steeper, decline in memory in the full years leading up to their dementia diagnosis. Dr http://levitracanada.biz . Charles B.

A bravura singing performance attracts even more interest from females, even in mice Like rock stars of the rodent world, the flashiest performers of a Central American mouse species get the most attention from the ladies, a University of Florida research shows. Neotropical singing mice woo their mates with high-pitched vocal trills, and a bravura functionality attracts more interest from females, according to a study published on-line this week in the journal Pet Behaviour by doctoral candidate Bret Pasch and colleagues in the department of biology at the University of Florida. The men’ prowess could give female mice clues to a potential mate’s physical quality.