Christoph Kaiser.

Stent thrombosis was described according to the requirements of the Academic Study Consortium.22 Bleeding occasions were defined according to Thrombolysis in Myocardial Infarction criteria.23 Off-label use of stenting was thought as stenting in patients who offered an acute coronary syndrome, stenting greater than one lesion per vessel, stenting of two or more vessels, stenting of lesions that longer were 27 mm or, stenting of bifurcation lesions, or stenting of chronic total occlusions. An independent critical events committee adjudicated all medical end points.U.S. Influenza and meter-based Triage product revenues were $25.5 million and $17.8 million, respectively, for the fourth quarter of 2014, in comparison to $20.9 million and $17.7 million, respectively, for the fourth quarter of 2013. Excluding the influence of the noticeable change in U.S. Influenza revenues and the impact on revenues from the U.S. Meter-based Triage revenue, currency-adjusted organic growth in our Professional Diagnostics segment was 1.9 percent. This boost reflects a 4.5 percent reduction in adjusted U.S. Revenues, when compared to fourth quarter of 2013, offset by a 7.6 percent increase in our international business. The decrease in the U.S. Business principally pertains to lower revenues from INRatio product sales and to lower pain management revenues in our Toxicology business.