Genes Help Collection Menopause Timing: Study: MONDAY.

Genes Help Collection Menopause Timing: Study: – MONDAY, Sept. 28, 2015 – – Genetic variations seem to impact on the ages when a woman enters both puberty and menopause, researchers report . These findings can lead to methods to help predict the timing of menopause, which marks the end of a woman’s reproductive phase of life. ‘Genetics only explains about half of the variability with the spouse due to elements such as for example smoking. So, genetics will never be able to specifically predict a woman’s age at menopause,’ said study co-author Anna Murray, senior lecturer in human genetics at the University of Exeter Medical School in Exeter, England.

This means that less than 15 % of catcher injuries were the consequence of contact with another player. Moreover, these run-ins required less recovery time than other types of injury usually, the researchers said. Overall, catchers spent an average of 50 days in the disabled list. Non-collision injuries were associated with an average recovery time of 53 days, compared to 39 days for colliding with another player. Nineteen injuries involved recovery periods of more than 100 times, but none of them involved a run-in between a catcher and a base runner. The most common reason behind non-collision injuries among the catchers was a blow to the top by a bat or foul ball. Overall, 28 % of catcher accidents involved the leg, 23 % involved the knee and 23 % affected the shoulder.