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President. In partnership with the sponsor countries where we work, USAID is pleased to play a leading role in the execution of President Obama’s vision for global development. From building sustainable capacity to restoring performance effect and monitoring evaluation to promoting science, technology and innovation, we are transforming our features to aid the President’s new development policy. USAID can be poised and prepared to reclaim our place as the world’s premiere development agency. The award will enable Akonni to accelerate the research and development of a closed amplicon RT-PCR microarray for the detection of enterovirus, herpes viruses and West Nile virus in cerebral spinal fluid .And, researchers found, these homes were more cited for health-related deficiencies often, such as severe bed sores and needless use of restraints. The effect: A two-tiered program of look after America’s elderly which can be discovered in virtually every condition. Vincent Mor, chairman of the Section of Community Health at Brown Medical College and the lead research author, said that the disparity can be caused by economic forces.