In order to qualify for accreditation.

ACP’s Medical Laboratory Evaluation program accepted by CAP’s accreditation program The American College of Physicians’ Medical Laboratory Evaluation program recently gained approval to provide particular analytes for use with the faculty of American Pathologists Laboratory Accreditation System sildenafil citrate 100mg . The CAP accreditation program is an internationally-recognized plan that uses even more rigorous standards than regulatory compliance to greatly help labs achieve the best standard of excellence. In order to qualify for accreditation, labs must perform proficiency assessment on required analytes. MLE is very proud to experienced our system reviewed by CAP and to have almost 100 of our offered analytes recognized by their LAP program, said MLE Director Connie Laubenthal.

ACR launches Simple Tasks campaign to improve awareness on rheumatic diseases The American University of Rheumatology has released its Simple Tasks campaign ( The initiative aims to improve awareness of the severe impact of rheumatic diseases – such as arthritis rheumatoid, lupus and gout – on the U.S. Population also to highlight the importance of rheumatologists in the diagnosis and treatment of these diseases. Rheumatic diseases are not just pains and aches or a standard part of aging. More than seven million American females, men and children are affected by these diseases, which frequently strike in the prime of life and may cause inflammation and damage to joints and additional organs of your body, the development of co-existing diseases, disability and even death.