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Stefano Buono, CEO of AAA, commented: GEP-NETs constitute a life-threatening disease and effective individual management requires accurate diagnostic tools. The EMA's orphan medicinal product designation is designed to promote the development of drugs that may provide significant benefit to patients experiencing rare, life-threatening diseases. Furthermore to a decade of marketplace exclusivity, the orphan medication designation also provides unique incentives for sponsors including eligibility for process assistance and possible exemptions or reductions using regulatory fees during advancement or at the time of application for marketing approval.Some progress has been manufactured in developing appropriate services over the past 10 years culturally. But at present, such knowledge remains patchy, he concludes.. Alcohol ethnicity and misuse Ethnic minorities may have particular problems with alcohol use, yet may not be seeking help, warns a senior psychiatrist in this week’s British Medical Journal. He believes these hidden populations need specific services – and more research. In britain, several ethnic minorities possess higher levels of alcohol make use of and resulting health issues than the general populace, writes Rahul Rao of the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust. For example, 34 percent of Irish males drink above the every week recommended limit of 21 units of alcohol, compared with 29 percent of the overall Irish people and 27 percent of the general British population.