Medication-use outcomes.

Pharmacists will be the patient care providers that will be the most highly educated about today’s complicated, high-risk, medications, stated Stanley S. Kent, M.S., FASHP, ASHP president. Pharmacists’ exclusive qualifications and option of patients make them a great resource to improving patient care as prescribers working carefully with physicians and various other providers within a comprehensive team. .. AJHP examines pharmacists’ prescribing medications in current issue Pharmacists’ prescribing medications is a topic often discussed when wellness policy experts explore how exactly to improve patient protection, medication-use outcomes, and access to medical solutions.21, 2015 – – People treated with low-dose beta blockers after a heart attack may fare better than those given the standard dose of the commonly prescribed medicine, a new study suggests. Heart attack patients given just one-fourth of the dosage used in medical trials lived just as long as patients on an increased dose, according to experts at Northwestern University in Chicago. And in some cases, those on a low dose lived longer even, with a 20 % to 25 % boost in survival.