Michelle Dupuis.

MRI of the brain on hospital day 7 revealed progression of signal abnormalities, new lesions in the right thalamus and bilateral cerebral hemispheres, and persistent hydrocephalus . By medical center day 11, there was no improvement in his status. Life support was withdrawn, and he died 17 days following the starting point of symptoms. An autopsy was performed. Methods Clinical Specimens A surgical biopsy of the cerebellum was set in formalin and embedded in paraffin.Based on the 3D geometry of the lesion and the sort of the lobectomy that was performed in 1953, Annese thinks this lesion was more than likely created by Scoville through the surgery. The findings reported in Character Communications constitute new evidence that may help researchers today understand more fully the results of H.M.'s operation in the context of contemporary knowledge on memory of the functional anatomy of the hippocampus. Annese and his team at UCSD created a web-based atlas of H also.M.'s brain, designed to support collaboration and preserve an archive of anatomical pictures in accordance with the full case.