Event Mission

To hold events that bring benefit to our communities, encourage camaraderie amongst participants, and provide an exceptional opportunity for personal challenge.

Community Well Being:

The Equinox is a fundraiser for the West Yellowstone Ski Education Foundation (WYSEF) and Big Brothers Big Sisters. We provide incentives for participants to bring food donations for the West Yellowstone Food Bank. The event tries to support local businesses by timing the event to occur during a seasonal lull in the West Yellowstone economy. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds. Those who cannot afford the race fee can volunteer to receive a significantly discounted rate or simply talk to the race director.


There is a costume contest. It seems like things tend to be more fun when we can laugh at ourselves and with each other rather than grimace tersely to our neighbor on the start line. Saturday evening is a potluck for all racers and the community. The bonfire roars, the beer flows, cheers for racers are prolific and again, smiles seem to be bountiful. Is it your birthday? We sing Happy Birthday, maybe to you even if it isn’t your birthday. We try to learn everyone’s name. You are not a number. Everyone should know your name and not just at the awards ceremony. Those who are generous with their time and energy receive the same from us. While volunteers provide the assistance needed to make an event happen, it is really the presence of generosity that we value. The atmosphere of this gathering strives to be inclusive, supportive and generous rather than isolated and antagonistic.

Personal Challenge:

To encourage soloists, we charge fees per person rather than per team. You shouldn’t have to pay more to fully embrace the challenge that is appropriate for your skill level. There are a variety of categories and lengths to cater to skiers of all abilities. Past entrants have ranged from international caliber racers to beginning skiers, and we hope this continues. A skier on a 6-hour team may only have 2 hours of trail time, while the 24 hour soloist has a different challenge on paper, but perhaps a very comparable challenge given their skiing abilities. Toko generously provides a wax technician for the event to keep racers on the trail with fast skis. You did not pay a race fee to spend time wrestling the scraper and wax iron cord at 2 a.m.