Parents of Kids With Diabetes Have to Plan for COLLEGE DAYS: SATURDAY.

‘It’s therefore essential that each student with diabetes has a strategy in place to meet up their diabetes requirements at school as well as off-site, during field outings and at all school-sponsored actions,’ she said. Before school starts, parents need to write and update diabetes care plans, meet with the educational school nurse and additional school staff who will provide care, make sure the institution has ample supplies, and familiarize themselves with federal and state laws offering legal protection to students with diabetes, Siminerio said. The purpose of the Safe and sound at School campaign is to ensure that all children with diabetes have access to proper diabetes care through the school time and at all school-sponsored activities, she added.PENTAX Medical is very happy to support the AGA Institute in its work to promote invention in gastroenterology, stated Len Farris, vice president of advertising, Americas, PENTAX Medical. By investing in the AGA Institute, we are putting innovation in the tactile hands of GI clinicians who are at the forefront of battling digestive diseases. We look forward to the technological discoveries that will derive from this collaboration. .. Positive Outlook CAN HELP Heart Disease Patients Heal: – FRIDAY, Oct. 16, 2015 – – Heart disease patients with a sunny disposition are more likely to exercise, stick to their medications and take other measures to ward off further heart problems, a fresh study suggests. Researchers said the results add to a large body of evidence linking a positive approach to better heart health.