It has been a great honor and privilege to provide the Academy as its CEO, Rosato said. I am a pharmacist, and working to advance the concepts of managed care pharmacy has been the most rewarding connection with my career. I am especially pleased with the exceptional AMCP team that is built and its own contributions to the Academy’s successes. Jointly, we have achieved several legislative and regulatory victories, enhanced our associations with members of condition and Congress legislators, grew and guaranteed the Academy’s budget, expanded our membership base and hosted 4 successful national meetings in a row. With our talented board and personnel, the Academy can be in good hands.. PRESS RELEASE Alexandria, Va. —Academy of Managed Treatment Pharmacy CEO Edith A.However persons with serious mental illness, particularly schizophrenia, have impairments in memory and executive function often, along with residual psychiatric symptoms, that impede learning and adoption of new behaviors.26 Furthermore, low socioeconomic status probably contributes to reduced access to well balanced meals and lack of affordable, safe places to workout.17,27,28 Stigma connected with mental illness could also contribute to low degrees of participation in popular leisure-time physical activities.29,30 Lifestyle interventions for obese or over weight persons with serious mental illness need to address these special needs. Owing to concerns about adherence and capability to participate in groups, lifestyle-intervention trials in the overall population exclude persons with serious mental illness typically.24,31-36 The few behavioral weight-loss trials targeting persons with serious mental illness have had short study periods, small samples, and other limitations.37,38 The objective of our trial was to determine the effectiveness of an 18-month tailored behavioral weight-loss intervention in adults with serious mental illness who were attending community outpatient psychiatric rehabilitation programs.