Logo design -ttp:// ‘As a head in women's healthcare, theU.S. Women's Health Alliancebelieves in offering safe and sound, effective treatment options to our patients, and the IUD is among the most efficacious forms of contraception in the marketplace,’ saidJack Feltz, MD, President of USWHA and President/CEO ofLifeline Medical Associates, LLCinNew Jersey. ‘The range of ladies studied in the LILETTA Stage 3 clinical trial is normally representative of the varied population of ladies treated by our physicians throughoutthe USA.’ LILETTA received marketing acceptance from theU.S.Shows the probability of no suicide-related events over time in the many cohorts. The underlying illness was more strongly associated with suicide-related events than was the nonuse or use of antiepileptic drugs. With adjustment for these elements, epilepsy and depression were associated with a 50 percent increase in the risk of suicide-related events; the chance associated with bipolar disorder was higher . The risk of suicide-related events was increased with a history of alcohol abuse , a mental disorder , lithium use , antipsychotic-drug use , and antidepressant-drug use .