Racer’s Thoughts

My favorite race of the year.

Let me just say that it could have hardly been better. For me the best part was a sense that we were out there racing ourselves rather than against one another.

This is one of the best organized races I have done.

The best grassroots event I have been to.

Good people, fast course, great camaraderie and fun!

Everyone was in it for fun. Not overly competitive.

Well organized.

A communal atmosphere.

I appreciated the 2 minute walk to the hotel room.

The bonfire was great!

Switching to the shorter and fresh groomed 6K at night was nice.

This race rocks!

Great course, great grooming and a nice way to finish the season.

Friendly staff.

Good food and fun atmosphere.

The passion! This race is choice.

Easygoing, fun and challenging.

Great spirit and great tracks.


I appreciated the raffle being open to volunteers and racers

Friendly volunteers.

Friendly atmosphere and it was run really well.

Epic challenge and camaraderie.

The event shirts are creative.

Thanks to the Toko wax tech for helping everyone.