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Americans Continue to Struggle with Unaffordable HEALTHCARE While policymakers debate solutions, the nagging issue of high healthcare costs remains. One third of People in america say they or someone in their household has had problems paying medical expenses in the last year. That is up nine %age factors from August and represents the best level this measure has reached in nearly a calendar year. A majority of Us citizens also say they have defer care during the last 12 a few months due to cost factors, with many saying that that they had relied on home cures or over the counter drugs rather than seeing a doctor , skipped dental care or other checkups , or skipped a suggested medical check or treatment .Copyright 2009 Advisory Board Kaiser and Company Family members Foundation. All rights reserved.

Africa worst hit by AIDS – 2.4m dead, 3.2m infected in sub-Sahara According to a new UN report, degrees of HIV disease in the centre East and North Africa are raising and there can be an urgent dependence on better education and prevention strategies. UNAIDS regional statistics show that currently as many as 510, 000 people are infected now, with 67,000 new infections and 57,000 deaths, and worldwide 40.3m folks are infected. By far the worst-hit area may be the Sudan, where two thirds of females there are completely unacquainted with condom use. It is uncovered in the survey that the primary way to obtain infection is unprotected sex, but intravenous drug use is a problem also.