Sam Schulman.

Efficacy The investigators suspected that recurrent venous thromboembolism had occurred or a death had been linked to recurrent venous thromboembolism in 134 individuals in the dabigatran group and 130 individuals in the warfarin group. After central adjudication, the primary outcome for efficacy was verified in 30 individuals in the dabigatran group and 27 sufferers in the warfarin group . The difference in risk was 0.8 to at least one 1.5; hazard ratio, 1.10; 95 percent CI, 0.65 to at least one 1.84) .In 1977, the Enmod treaty outlawed climate warfare. Click here to find articles on about Procedure Popeye. HAARP as ‘full dominance’ weapon According to a 2000 survey by the American Forces Press Assistance: Full-spectrum dominance means the ability of U.S. Forces, operating by itself or with allies, to defeat any adversary and control any circumstance across the selection of military functions. While full-spectrum dominance may be the goal, the best way to get there is to ‘invest in and develop new military capabilities.’ The four capabilities at the heart of full-spectrum dominance are dominant maneuver, accuracy engagement, concentrated logistics and full-dimensional protection.