Short-term memory traces in the hippocampus.

On September 21st Character Neurosciences publishes the results. Bonnefond and Bergmann focus on analysis on oscillations: waves of human brain activity. 'Non-speedy eye movement sleep is responsible for the memory space consolidation during our sleep', Bonnefond explains. 'NREM is well known for its extremely slow oscillations . Other styles of oscillations are concealed inside these SOs. We discovered that three types of oscillations are nested inside each other in the hippocampus and also have a joint function.' Related StoriesMelatonin and the circadian rhythm: an interview with Professor Kennaway, University of AdelaideTreating insomnia through a CBT device? An interview with Dr EbrahimWhy perform we rest? An interview with Professor WisdenSlow waves, spindles and ripples Gradual oscillations just happen about one time per second .ACE inhibitors and In1R blockers suppress swelling in mice Paralysis and Neuroinflammation reversed in an animal model; Heidelberg neurologist publishes in the Proceedings of the National Academy of SciencesConventional blood pressure medicine can treat inflammation within an animal model mimicking multiple sclerosis . This discovery was created by Dr. Michael Platten, mind consultant at the section of Neurooncology at Heidelberg University Medical center and head of the Helmholtz Experimental Neuroimmunology Junior Analysis Group on at the German Cancer tumor Research Middle and his group in cooperation with scientists from Stanford University in California. Blood pressure medicine called ACE inhibitors and AT1R blockers can suppress swelling in mice experiencing an autoimmune disease much like MS.