Latest News on the Fat Bike Event

Thanks so much for the great Equinox showing this year.  So many highlights…seeing Greg Walker ski a new solo Equinox (and maybe North American?) record of 344.4 km with his dad Ken just a few laps behind, cooking a turkey over an open fire, a new fatbike course, a strong showing of West Yellowstone juniors skiing the 24 Hour solo division, some stellar costumes, the Lone Peak Physical Therapy dualing office teams, free and fancy fatbikes to ride, Melissa Manning leading the 24 Hour women with 240km, lots of cheering and conviviality around the fire, some dedicated volunteers (Karl Pare, my parents, Gilia and Alec Patterson…) and attendees from Vermont, Minnesota, California, Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming….a great year…A proper Equinox combination of epic efforts and community building.
1. A great 3 minute video made by Erik Peterson is available at  

2. Photos are available at 2014-03-equinox.  These were all taken by Peter Newbury.  The upper part of the page is general photos and the lower part of the page has photos of racers sorted by bib number.  This is a mammoth project taken on by my brother.  He is usually happy to send some full size images upon request.
3. Results are posted on the website.
4.  We collected 55lbs of food for the West Yellowstone Food Bank and the Equinox donated another $700 to West Yellowstone Ski Education Foundation and Big Brothers Big Sisters of West Yellowstone.
5.  And the future of the Equinox?  An Equinox every 2-3 years is a more realistic potential schedule (Olympic style!) for future years.  The time and energy to put together the event is huge and fits less well into our lives now than it did years previous.  An annual Equinox will require many steps to bolster volunteer support, sponsor support and income.  If anyone wants to be directly involved in continuing the Equinox on an annual schedule, be in touch.
6. Lastly, Katie and I are embarking on a project to catch us up to you all in terms of distances covered!  Hah!  Actually, it is to have our own “Equinox experience” and explore our limits while contributing to a cause we witness and wholeheatedly believe in.  We are racing the 2014 Tour Divide (Canada to Mexico via Adventure Cycling’s Great Divide Mountain Bike Route) to raise funds and awareness for Sky’s the Limit Fund which helps families find healing, positive coping skills and transformation through wilderness therapy, (one of our “real jobs” the rest of the year at Open Sky Wilderness Therapy in Durango, CO).  We invite you to investigate Sky’s the Limit Fund, wilderness therapy and to follow our race beginning June 14th.  And we are racing on a tandem.  Our website with more info and directions to donate is
Thanks again for all the efforts, appreciation and encouragement this year, and since 2007.  The Equinox continues to inspire!

The 2014 Fatbike Challenge is on!!

Seven points…some repeat info for new registrants and some new info for everyone…..

1. Toko wax tip is available here by Thursday midday.  Bring you own wax, Eric M will have a two benches set up and can help you wax em up just right!

2. Weather for the weekend is looking great…sunny, high of 32, low of 15.
3. Food drive…5 lbs donated food equals an extra raffle ticket.
4. Costumes…Bears and Bison! Good costumes get ya another raffle ticket.
4. Please, pick up bibs on Friday PM if you can.  Saturday AM is always hectic. Check here for the full weekend schedule of events and such.
5. Racers #’s…40 in the 24 Hr division, 30 in the 12 Hour division, and 20 in the 3 and 6 Hour divisions for a total of about 90 registered so far!  Exciting!  The 12 and 24 Hour division are each about half soloist and half teams right now.

6. Discounted lodging at Holiday Inn… tell’m you are with the Equinox or use EQU for online reservation.  It is also the closest hotel to the ski trails.

7. Potluck…we’ll have a grill, burgers and fixings, and a bonfire.  You bring the smores, salad, treats, and yummy stuff.
See you in West!