Fatbike Schedule and FAQ


The Rendezvous Ski Trails trailhead is on Obsidian Ave near S Geyser St. in West Yellowstone, Montana — Discounted lodging near the race can be found at the Holiday Inn, a 3 minute walk from the race course.  Use the group discount code EQU to get the Equinox Snow Challenge rates!


6-9 pm- Mar. 21 Bib pick up and final registration at Rendezvous Trailhead Building
7-8:30am- Mar. 22 Bib pick up/race day reg at Rendezvous Trailhead Building
9:30 am- Pre race meeting at Rendezvous Trailhead
9:45 am- Costume Contest at Rendezvous Trailhead
10 am- 3, 6, 12, and 24 Hour divisions start at Rendezvous Trailhead
1 pm- 3 Hour division finish
2 pm- 24 Minute Kids Challenge
4 pm- 6 Hour division finish
5 pm- 3 Hr and 6 Hr Awards at trailhead warming hut
6 pm- Potluck/BBQ at start/finish
10 pm- 12 Hour division finish
10 am- (March, 23) 24 Hour division finish
11 am- (March, 23) 12 Hour and 24 Hour awards
Civil twilight ends at 7:30pm on the 22nd, the moon will rise at 1:08am on the 23rd, and twilight returns at 7:05am on the 23rd.


If you want to do some laps on skis on the ski course, go ahead.  Your results will count in the Fatbike event, not the ski event.  Please, no foot traffic this year due to course limitations and conditions.

Please only ride on tires 3.5 inches or wider.  This maintains good riding conditions for everybody!  Bike rentals available at Fitzgeralds, GAS and more.


The course will be an 8 mile out and back (ish) route with some side singletrack to keep it interesting.  The course will enter the Rendezvous trails for just 200 yards to facilitate using the same start/finish.  Otherwise, the course will be for fatbikes only!


The Equinox Fatbike Challenge race rules are pretty simple:

  1. Go around the official course as many times as you can, checking in with the Lap Count Team each time. 2
  2. Laps will be counted as long as they start before the 3, 6, 12, or 24 hour mark, i.e., a sample result for the 6 Hour race could be 10 laps in 6 hours 24 minutes.
  3. Results will be ranked per division by (highest to lowest) number of completed laps and (lowest to highest) finishing time within duplicate lap counts.
  4. Did we mention that you go around as many times as possible?
  5. Please inform the Lap Count Team if your team exits the course before the race finish time. You will not DNF – we need to know that you aren’t out on the course.
  6. The only way(s) to DNF are to shortcut the course, overly hinder another racer (please let them pass when it’s safe), or have multiple racers from one team on course (except on the final victory lap – do note that only one lap is counted, though!).
  7. Please inform the Lap Count Team if you exit the course to fix equipment or sleep but plan on returning.
  8. Did we really mention that you go around as many times as possible? 9) Have fun, wear an outrageous costume if at all possible and smile at everybody.


There are many restaurants in West Yellowstone and also two grocery stores. There will be the Saturday evening community potluck at the bonfire with a grill running as well as beverages. Potluck arrangements are: A-F bring salad or pasta, G-M bring grilling items, N-S bring beverages, and T-Z bring desserts.

Clif Bar and Hammer Nutrition are providing HEED and sample size ClifBars at the aid station for all racers. There will also be water, bananas and chips at the aid station.

There is a microwave in the warming hut so a good set up is to prepare several meals prior to the event and have them in Tupperware for quick and easy heating and eating.


  • Warm layers…overnight temps can get chilly even when the days are sunny and warm.
  • Lots of socks. It is nice to head back out with fresh socks at 2 AM. You will feel like a new person!
  • Extra insoles for your shoes. Feet can be the weakest link and by switching insoles occasionally you can create a new and dry abode for the trusty feet.
  • Headlamp with extra batteries.
  • A hydration system. Perhaps the most important ingredient to the long haul is staying hydrated. There will be water and ClifShot available at the aid station at the start/finish area. Alternating bottles, bladders, or having a freeze proof system is very helpful. Note that there is a warming hut 20 yards from the course making for easy access to warm water, a place for items to thaw out or dry, and a heated bathroom.


Teams can consist of 2-4 people for a Little Team of 5-8 people for a Big Team. The most popular categories are the 6-Hour solo or Little Team, the 12 Hour Little Team, and the 24 Hour Little and Big Teams. You can alternate teamates each lap or do a few laps, allowing your teammates a little more rest, before switching. Working together is smart!


There are five races during the weekend. They are the 24 Minute, 3 Hour, 6 Hour, 12 Hour, and 24 Hour. Any of the five can be entered either as a relay team or as a soloist.