Technology and Study.

ETC and Siena Biotech’s molecular inhibitors may enhance the prognosis for an extremely significant number of cancer patients, given that gastric cancer may be the 4th most common cancers in the world and the next leading reason behind cancer death. Gastric malignancy is also probably the most common in Singapore , with over 600 cases diagnosed every full year. ‘ETC is committed to translating early-stage scientific discoveries into useful applications,’ stated Prof Alex Matter, CEO of ETC and innovator of the extensive study group that discovered the 1st targeted anti-cancer drug, Gleevec.Early diagnosis and intervention can be achieved for all. This allows people who have dementia and their own families to make their own informed choices and to decide their own futures. It decreases institutionalization, prevents caregiver strain, promotes top quality of lifestyle and helps visitors to live well with dementia.’ Marc Wortmann, Executive Director of ADI, says the Croydon model demonstrates how creativeness and community resources can produce a useful and effective program with amazing outcomes. ‘Anyone who wants to improve dementia treatment within their community should learn from this model. ‘The Croydon model is very important to merging early diagnosis and programs for those who have dementia and caregivers. It’s changing our vision of care and attention and how exactly we develop better quality-of-life and cost-effective services.’..