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Monitor Thirty-four % of malaria – endemic countries with WHO guidelines to artemisinin resistance within its boundaries comply, the agency on Thursday, on Thursday, CBS News reports . Reuters reported that artemisinin ‘is the best drug against malaria, especially if in artemisinin combination therapy , which is used with other surface surface before the[ malaria] parasite ‘(Nebehay.

In countries with cure rates of less than 90 % change in policy is underway to implement effective replacement malaria treatment, according to to the news service . – WHO guidelines say that countries should study the patient for any signs of resistance to the first and second line malaria drugs at least once every two years, writes emerging health threats. 2008 and 2009 2008 and 2009 only 31 of the 92 countries where malaria is endemic worldwide survey of monitoring studies to evaluate the efficacy of the drugs they use to disease disease to treat, found in the WHO report, according the news service. Without regular monitoring and reporting on anti-malaria drug resistance, the disease burden and the economic cost of malaria will increase dramatically, the report says .– In its judgment, said FINA doping rule panels to the cases, emphasizes to responsibility of the athlete to check his medicine . .. Current President the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, Grant Kardachi, Mr. Event stressed the need for for pharmacists the resources available at that the medicines they are To instantly check dispensing and in case of professional sports have to his verify that they are forbidden agents. – the ultimate reference guide APF21 PPE provides information for pharmacists in their dosage and other aspects of her pharmacy practice supporting of portion, drugs in sport would be especially helpful in this case, as detailing the processes that a pharmacist should.

Mr. Kardachi said it also emphasized that pharmacists should consider also Lord drugs for athletes and other consumers who did satisfy with banned substances lists of, and APF21 scheduled Embed Link to the latest list of banned substances. – ‘APF21 been developed by ensuring the effectiveness and robustness of the processes and operations in a pharmacy the practice and does not chemist regardless of which sector they are active without the without this valuable resource, ‘wrote Mr. Kardachi. Source: Shantell M.