The Archives of Internal Medicine is published by the American Medical Association.

The Archives of Internal Medicine is published by the American Medical Association.GMC launches online tutorials in Medical EthicsThe GMC has a range of sophisticated online tutorials, started tackling tricky ethical scenarios.The tutorials, which will include the protection of children, whistleblowing and addiction are presented added to the case load already on GMP in Action, the GMC interactive learning site for physicians.

Since its launch last year, 24,000 doctors and members of the public to the to the online resource explores common real medical and ethical dilemmas , and explains how physicians should address them with GMC guidance Good Medical Practice . – Said to exercise Jane O’Brien Assistant Director of Standards and Fitness:.‘The warning we wolfing as a child in that were in the face ‘ you make your foods will thick, ‘In fact physiological explanations physiological explanation. ‘.. In this trial the test subjects have the same a test meal, 300ml ice, consumes at different speeds. Researchers took blood samples for the measurement of glucose, insulin, blood fats and gut hormones before the meal and in 30 -minute intervals after the start of the food, until the end of the session, 210 minutes later.

Over the last years, the research regarding bowel hormones, as peptide YY and glucagon-like peptide , as shown terms their release after eating affects the brain and induced fulness meal cancellation. So far, concentrations of Appetit hormones was does not examined at related to differing rates of eating.

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Adopted according to a new studies to publish in the Endocrine Society, J Clin Endocrinology & Metabolism , a meal quickly, compared to slow, cuts release of hormones in the gut in that induced emotions full. Reduced release of these hormones , can often perform lead to overeating. hear most of us that food can quickly result to food overconsumption and obesity, and into fact, some observational studies that term supporting, said Alexander Kokkinos, the Laiko General Hospital in Athens, Greece and lead author of trial.