The Association is producing its new policy available for public review on its website.

AACE members, staff, partners and others with whom AACE interacts will continue steadily to advocate for understanding, elimination and avoidance of endocrine healthcare disparities.’ These disparities can be found among certain demographic organizations in a number of endocrine related conditions including diabetes, weight problems, thyroid tumor, hyperparathyroidism, and osteoporotic hip fractures. ‘The commitment of AACE to the elimination of endocrine wellness disparities could not have arrive at a more opportune time, given the existing epidemics of diabetes and obesity.’ The following may be the General Statement of AACE’s placement on healthcare disparities in the United States: ‘AACE actively opposes the continuing existence of endocrine healthcare disparities in america, and will devote its resources to decrease these disparities.The ACCURAY-ESTRO Award, which for the last several years has known radiotherapy professionals for original analysis in neuro-scientific high accuracy radiotherapy, was awarded to Dr. Joost Nuyttens , for his lecture entitled ‘Outcome of Four-dimensional Stereotactic Radiotherapy for located Lung Tumors’.’ ‘Both of these awards highlight industry-leading methods to noninvasive lung malignancy treatment using CyberKnife radiosurgery,’ said Vittorio Puppo, General Supervisor, Accuray EIMEA . ‘We congratulate our successful and dedicated users on this great honor and thank them for his or her important research contributions.’ More than 20 posters and oral presentations during this year’s ESTRO meeting highlighted the continued expansion of extracranial radiosurgery applications with the CyberKnife Program, including presentations on lung, liver, prostate, backbone, pancreas, and head and neck cancer.

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