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We confirmed use of the ASA classification can help identify high-risk patients, continued Dr. Donegan. We recommend these higher risk patients, in class 3 or 4 4, be carefully managed medically so that any existing circumstances can be treated and any evolving medical issues can be addressed in a timely manner, continued Dr. Donegan. Dr. Donegan added, Utilizing strategies that improve bone health insurance and prevent hip fractures are ways to limit the significant effect a fall can possess. Prevent hip and additional bone fractures Falls will be the number one cause of hip fractures in elderly sufferers – and falls could be lethal for older adults. To prevent falls in the home, where they are most likely that occurs, visit And, to keep bones healthful throughout life, try these tips Consume the necessary vitamin and calcium D during childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.The researchers are now working on a tool to help ladies make decisions about their breast cancer treatment options. ‘A decision device like ours will solicit common misconceptions about breasts cancer treatment and give women feedback to help them fully understand the options and dangers involved,’ Hawley said.. Advance directives A patient with HIV indicators an advance directive refusing admission or resuscitation into intensive care. Early in the course of the disease, the individual suffers an anaphylactic reaction to a drug. What now ?? This scenario was posed in a paper published in the MJA . If the directive is certainly valid, treatment might constitute battery.