The go-to destination for family caregivers. introduces Prescription Drug Assistance Locator tool Paying for prescription drugs just got easier pertaining to family members who frequent, the go-to destination for family caregivers. The recently released Prescription Drug Assistance Locator enables older adults and their own families to search for financial aid programs for prescription drugs. Each month, aging Us citizens are confronted by thousands of dollars in prescription medication costs that eat into their already limited financial resources, says Joe Buckheit, president of cell lung tumor is a disease that new treatments are desperately needed, stated Kwok-Kin Wong, MD, PhD, co-senior author of the study and medical oncologist at Dana-Farber. Patients generally respond well to initial chemotherapy, but the disease nearly returns always. Less than 5 % of individuals are alive five years after getting diagnosed with the disease. Small cell lung tumor accounts for 10-15 % of lung cancer instances and may be the most aggressive form of lung malignancy. Although little cell lung tumors have many mutated genes, non-e of these is known to be considered a driver – a gene that actually spurs tumor development – and none makes a good target for drug therapy.