The House Foreign Affairs Committee today passed House Resolution 5501.

Additional information is offered by.. AHF to congress: keep PEPFAR funding priority on AIDS treatment Today With a bipartisan voice vote earlier, The House Foreign Affairs Committee today passed House Resolution 5501 , a bill to reauthorize the President’s Emergency Arrange for AIDS Relief , the united states global AIDS program. Nevertheless, AHF sharply criticized the Committee and Congress for eliminating a current necessity that 55 percent of all PEPFAR funds be allocated to AIDS treatment, a change which AHF believes will undermine the achievement the global AIDS treatment plan has already established to date. Without usage of HIV care, people living with HIV/Helps will die.This exercise program based around weight training and interval schooling will give you maximum health benefits protecting you from disease and holding off the aging process protecting your youthfulness. That you can do low intensity still, lengthy duration activity which can be part of an overall active lifestyle. Just don’t ever replace an effective exercise program with it. Reap the advantages of the data that modern study has provided for us and revise your exercise program into the 21st century. Sadly, the old aerobics era has ended but we have something better to replace it with that may give us better results in less time.

Work receives UK MHRA clearance for hESC-derived RPE cell trial for Stargardt’s Macular Dystrophy Advanced Cell Technology, Inc.