The human beings as a whole have become too busy with our selves.

Due to our fast lives, we are socialising less with external world even with our parents and dear ones and as a result of which, our sympathies or fellow-feelings or sympathies for others are getting reduced day-by-day. But also at the same time, a self-centric attitude can be takingmain seat. According to psychology, weather conditions and surroundings or socio-economic structures generally make a person’s attitude. It is observed that any person who is a refugee is too much sympathetic towards the downtrodden people or destitute.They also found that some cancers cells with very long telomeres were resistant to death induced by common chemotherapy medications, but the reduction of HDAC5 protein amounts in these cells and the subsequent telomere shortening sensitized the cells to these brokers, leading to massive cell death. Telomere shortening is directly linked to cell aging, the development of premature ageing syndromes, and advanced ageing diseases, this research could have widespread clinical impact. ‘The 'treat for cancer' may not come from an individual discovery, but will surely arrive step-by-step. This scholarly study defines among those steps.’ said Gerald Weissmann, M.D., Editor-in-Chief of The FASEB Journal. ‘What these scientists did is certainly to accelerate the maturing of cancer cells, so as to weaken them enough to end up being killed by anti-cancer drugs.