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However, no changes in condom make use of intentions had been observed among active or male college students sexually. The study also discovered that the program did not significantly decrease the likelihood that teens would take part in sexual intercourse or to use a condom consistently A surprising finding exposed that while sexually active students exposed to the intervention were not more likely to abstain from sex, they did report fewer informal sex encounters and fewer sexual companions than their peers who didn’t receive the system.The business has established regional hubs in Singapore and Japan to raised enable the industry's growing have to carry out clinical trials in Asia and/or manage global trials from the region. Local groups apply insights gained from Almac's encounter managing more than 10,000 trials around the world to design, implement and manage drug supply strategies and efficient technology solutions throughout the full life of the analysis. ‘From protocol to patient to kit destruction, Almac delivers top quality, flexible and cost-effective solutions that enable a far more comprehensive approach to trial supply management,’ says Alan Armstrong, CEO, Almac. ‘ Providing responsive and professional service is vital for all trials, but those maintained from or within Asia particularly.