To make matters worse.

The scholarly research, led by Jon Duke of the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis, analyzed the labels of nearly 5,600 medications approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and currently out there. The team found that the very best 200 prescribed medications in america in 2008 had 100 unwanted effects on typical. Duke warns that this details overload can confuse doctors and dissuade sufferers from taking their medicines. In future, the team urges manufacturers to develop smart labels that can communicate personalized safety info relevant to patients.. Mobile phone users who balked at the theory that their telephone providers can track their every move have recently learned the hard way that reading the fine print is important.Key research areas for the Institute shall include eczema, inflammation and allergy, pigmentary disorders, wound healing, hair conditions and skin ageing. The study approaches will take advantage of inter-disciplinary and innovative emerging technologies. ‘The Institute of Medical Biology at A*STAR includes a rich background in collaborative skin biology research that has laid the foundation for the Skin Analysis Institute of Singapore to end up being set up,’ stated Prof Birgit Lane, Executive Director of IMB. ‘We are looking towards combining our skills with those of our partners in this project to expand skin analysis in Singapore and build a research center of excellence here that will have worldwide impact.’ The Institute shall build on the strengths of its founding members – A*Celebrity, NSC and NTU.