Tuberculosis and Malaria and the President&39.

The march also calls upon the Kenyan government – and the ones of other African countries – to increase and honor its pledges to the Global Fund. Many countries remain just beneficiaries and not contributors to this kitty. Initiatives by PEPFAR and Global Fund have played a key role in decreasing deaths and enhancing the quality of life for people living and suffering from the condition in Africa, where many local governments have however to commit substantive funding to wellness. The message of Friday's march is that failure to level up or a complete slice of the financing would negate all the gains made in modern times..Sun exposure can cause skin cancer. Many seniors believe that after years of sun exposure, they no more require protection from sunlight. Proper sun safety at any age is important for cancer prevention. Children, old and young adults should put on sunscreen during period spent in the sun, protective eyewear , and head coverings like hats. It’s also important that folks remain alert to any changes to their skin, like moles or other marks, and talk about any changes to skin conditions with a doctor immediately. 10. Know your families history – Knowledge performs a major role in cancer prevention.