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76 % of Medicare beneficiaries believe the Medicare medication discount cards are a good idea According to a study commissioned simply by the Pharmacy Care and attention Alliance, a large majority-76 %-of Medicare beneficiaries without prescription drug insurance coverage polled believe the Medicare drug discount cards are a good idea and will help them save money. Nearly three-quarters of the 501 Medicare beneficiaries surveyed by Wirthlin World-wide intend to try to get more info about the low cost cards and many already plan to get a card What Antibiotics Can you give a dog for an ear infection? . Many seniors surveyed felt they knew small or nothing at all about the Medicare medication discount cards.

Innisfail, south of Cairns will house the pilot plan that aims to avoid type 2 diabetes for those considered to be at risk from the condition, like the overweight and those with an unhealthy lacking and diet conditioning. Premier Anna Bligh says there is normally expected to be a 17 percent increase in type two diabetes within the next six years. She says the Innisfail pilot system is based on a Finnish project and will team at-risk people who have experts.. $7.5 million Queensland diabetes action plan to roll By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD According to the latest $7.5 million diabetes actions plan, 8 nearly,000 people over the Ipswich region who you live with the disease and have not been diagnosed will be helped.